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Have you ever wanted to know how football is taught in the NFL?

Get ready to gain a deeper knowledge of the sport at the highest level from someone who was in the NFL for 5 years.


My three-part digital guide, Real Football, is based on my five years of knowledge and experience in the NFL. It is 80+ pages providing a deep understanding of NFL football from an actual NFL player's perspective, making it beneficial for anyone seeking the highest level of information.

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Are you ready to take your football knowledge to the next level?

Imagine if: knew all the terminologies, schemes and personnel groupings that are discussed in weekly NFL meetings. knew all the NFL defensive coverages and insight on how to read each coverage from an NFL quarterback's perspective. knew the exact footwork and route progressions that are taught to NFL quarterbacks. had this kind of NFL knowledge (and more) as a fan, coach, parent or young player.



you were able to implement it into your football routine... right now. 


Do you want to make this kind of football knowledge a reality?

Introducing Real Football

Comprehensive Digital Guide

Real Football is real insight into how football is taught in the NFL and what it is like at the highest level. You will gain a deeper understanding of the strategies and techniques used at the professional level, enabling you to elevate your knowledge of the game. 

My guide is divided into three parts, covering all the essential information that players learn upon entering the league. 

1) The NFL

In the first part, I cover the basics of the NFL, including terminology, blitzes, formations, shifts & motions, personnel groupings and other crucial details that make up the NFL game.

2) NFL Coverages

The second part of my guide dives into the defensive coverages used in the NFL, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. Additionally, I provide insight on how to read each coverage from an NFL quarterback's perspective.

3) NFL QB's

In the third part of my guide, I explain how the quarterback position is taught in the NFL, including the footwork and route progressions. I also provide insights into the quarterback process that I learned playing alongside Matt Ryan, Aaron Rogers, Jordan Love, Jimmy Garapollo, Brock Purdy, and others. I also offer tips and drills for navigating the learning curve and making the most of your practice and workouts.


At the end of this guide, you will have NFL-level football information that NFL players and coaches are currently using in weekly meetings and locker rooms.

Whether you are a young player, coach, fan, or parent, this guide is an invaluable tool for learning more about the sport you love as it is taught in the NFL. This guide will take your football knowledge to the next level and equip you with real NFL football knowledge.

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I'm Kurt Benkert,

5 Year NFL Quarterback 
(Falcons, Packers & 49ers)

Having followed everything I was taught from a young age, I am familiar with the desires and challenges of reaching the professional level. From attending camps, to personal training, to studying the game, I did what my parents and I believed was best at the time.



When I finally made it to the NFL, I realized I still had a lot to learn.


There was a disconnect in the learning process that I didn't even realize existed until my rookie year. There were foundational pieces of how to play the game that I didn't know and that were never presented to me before I walked into an NFL locker room for the first time.

My Real Football guide is a fast track to NFL football that I wish I had known growing up. It will save players, parents, and coaches time and money by providing information taught at the highest level of the game so they can get an upper hand and learn the game from its most desired level.

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NFL Player Approved Information

Before publishing, I had multiple NFL players preview the guide for feedback, and each of them agreed that this is information they wish they had known earlier going into the NFL. 

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At the end of this guide, you will:

  • Have football information that NFL players learn when first entering the league.
  • Have a better understanding of whats in a player and coaches head when watching on Sundays.
  • Be confident when talking football with your friends and family.
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If you want real NFL insight into how the game is taught to players at the NFL level, this guide is for you.

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